Dr Wong offers ocular consultancy, procedures and surgical services

Dr Wong is committed to providing the highest standards of eye care to produce the best results with compassion, care and integrity.
Over the past decade she has been providing excellence in eye care across a broad range of ophthalmological services for both adult and paediatric eye care including complex sub-speciality ocular-motility services.


General and Paediatric Ophthalmology

Dr Wong has been a consulting ophthalmologist for over 10 years, providing general ophthalmology treatment for both adult and paediatric patients. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists and works as a consultant in both private practice (Berwick, Box Hill and Springvale) and in the public system (Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital).

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Dr Wong performs specialised strabismus surgery in addition to general surgical procedures common to general ophthalmic surgeons; e.g. cataracts, pterygium, blocked tear ducts, laser procedures, etc…

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Ocular-Motility Sub-Specialisation

Dr Wong specialises in Ocular-Motility – conditions related to eye alignment and movement – completing her Ophthalmology fellowship in Ocular-Motility at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. She is experienced in all forms of treatment for ocular-motility problems and double vision in both adult and paediatric patients.

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Dr Wong diagnoses and treats refractive, medical, and surgical problems related to eye diseases and disorders.
She provides the full spectrum of eye care; from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to complex eye micro-surgery.

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Ophthalmic Services

EYE CONDITIONSCommon eye conditions.
OCULAR-MOTILITY CONDITIONSConditions related to eye alignment and movement.
EYE CONSULTATIONSEye examinations and consults


GENERAL SURGERYCommon Ophthalmology Surgery
CATARACT SURGERYModern phacoemulsification With intraocular lens implantation.
SQUINT SURGERYAdult and Paediatric